December 2020

Black lives matter.

The objective of this statement is to sketch how I anticipate I will address racial injustices in higher education and to outline my anticipated shortcomings.

Actions I am Taking

In the classroom

The primary audience for this section is undergraduate students.

In research

The primary audience for this section is graduate students.

Possible Shortcomings

This section acknowledges shortcomings of the above approaches, in light of the current structure of academia. Addressing them will take longer-term approaches and creative thinking. I hope to find means to address them over time, and add them to the lists above.


I have been inspired by colleagues who work primarily with undergraduates: Profs. John Foley and Cibele Matos Freire. Additional thanks to Prof. Brittany Johnson-Matthews, whose compilation of resources was very helpful for organizing my thoughts, especially this open letter and associated action item list. Finally, thanks to Michael Ellison, whose radical re-envisioning of education (currently manifested in CodePath) I've been stewing on for over a decade. Most of what I believe can be traced back to conversations we had many years ago. See my recent faculty application materials for a more narrative discussion of my teaching philosophy and diversity, equity, and inclusion positions.