This blog contains all of my writing that is not about research.

During graduate school I had the privilege of a thoughtful, socially-conscious, and engaged group of friends and colleagues with whom I could talk about both research and the socio-ethical issues we all faced. The pressures of faculty life — especially under the conditions of Covid-19 — mean that I lost this part of my life upon starting my faculty position.

This blog is something of a substitute for that community and those conversations. It is meant to be casual and conversational. I write from experience and observation only — I will almost certainly have no expertise in any of the topics I discuss and know I really ought to read more background from people who think deeply about things. I welcome pointers to readings in the comments.

I view this blog as a kind of theraputic progression of what I'm thinking about regarding various topics over time. My opinions and interpretations almost certainly will change with time. There will almost certainly be bad and uninformed opinions in here somewhere. I don't expect to write about deeply contentious topics, but in the event that I do, I expect my policy to be that I update posts with revised thoughts and acknowledgement of harm.