December 11, 2022

Background: I have been working with longtime collaborators John Foley, Kaleigh Clary, and David Jensen on developing a new testing framework for reinforcement learning. I designed a prototype version that my collaborators and I used to investigate the behavior of generalized agents in our work, Measuring and Characterizing Generalization in Deep Reinforcement Learning. I presented Toybox at the IBM AI Systems Day and as a poster at the 2018 NeurIPS Systems for ML Workshop.

Current project: I am currently revising work that seeks to explain agent behavior in time-varying relational environments and would welcome efforts from students who might be interested in causal reasoning, experimentation, or explanation for autonomtous agents. As this work is not currently core to my research agenda, I would only consider working with exceptionally motivated collaborators on this project. While a background in machine learning and reinforcement learning will undoubtedly be helpful, solid software engineering skills are far more important for this work. If you'd like to discuss project possibilities, reach out and/or schedule a meeting with me.