Background: In 2021, I began working with Dorsa Mohammadi Arezooji on a new domain in the nascent PL+Law field. We were inspired by Basu et al.'s Property Conveyances as Programming Languages. We began by investigating two domains: arbitration agreements in EULAs and insurance contracts. We were seeking out domain experts in the legal field and have outlined projects in NLP and user comprehension of privacy concerns. Unfortunately due to delays and lack of transparency surrounding Iranian students' visa status during the pandemic, Dorsa was not able to pursue her PhD with me.

Erin McBride, now a 1L at University of Wisconsin Law School, worked with me in this space, researching contracts of adhesion and their role in changes to websites under experimentation conditions.

Current Work: I have recently been able to pursue this work under the supervision of Dr. Chris Martens at Northeastern University, where I am working with students to develop usable tools for end-user comprehension and firm-side authoring of privacy policies. This work is in service of Dr. Martens' CAREER award. Students interested in getting involved should reach out to Dr. Martens (and cc me). Please be specific in what you are asking for, especially in the subject header of your email.